bamboo indoor decking singapore

Indoor decking

Indoor decking refers to mainly decking in a building. There are multiple benefits of decking. It can range from health benefit, mood and safety. Wood is an insulation of heat which it can trap heat in the deck. However, the heat that it traps will not heat up the room. Imagine waking up in a …

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ceiling cladding singapore

Ceiling Cladding

What is a ceiling cladding? Ceiling cladding is basically a decking on your ceiling! The purpose of having that is because it is to cover unpleasant sight of cable trays, pipes and etc. Also ceiling cladding can make your place look much more pleasant looking. Did you know that most restaurants that are successful will …

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outdoor decking singapore exterpark

Outdoor decking

Wonder how outdoor decking can improve your businesses? Imagine going to a restaurants with a plain looking design on the outside, you probably will missed it and walk by. How about now that you have added some outdoor decking and some good look LED sign board? Of course it will be more attractive. Exterpark not …

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wall cladding exterpark singapore

Wall cladding

Wall cladding is basically a vertical decking on the wall. The benefit of a wall cladding can range from making a building looks nicer and also allow sound insulation. Normally in Singapore, wall cladding is used to allow devices to be placed inside to allow a building to look neater. With exterpark Singapore wall cladding …

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exterpark wood decking singapore balcony

Balcony Project

Wondering on how you can make your balcony looks better? Exterpark offer a balcony decking service which will greatly improve your balcony artistic. Take a look at one of our client project to see how a wood decking can improve the your mood. Our deck is built to last and little maintenance is required! Get …

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