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(Up To 25 years Warranty)

tech supreme decking exterpark

Supreme decking

Supreme decking is extremely good in durability and is fire rated. This product has a 25 years of warranty. You can take a look at

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bamboo decking singapore

Bamboo decking

Bamboo decking is extremely good for outdoor use with high traffic due to the fact that it has a high durability. There are multiple choices

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exterpark singapore wood decking

WPC decking

Similar to hardwood, WPC decking; also known as Wood plastic composite, has a protection layer on top of the wood. This protection layer provide both

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exterpark singapore wood decking

Wood decking

Wood decking often known as hardwood decking, they are used to replace the plain concrete design. There are multiple wood choices when you are talking

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decking singapore

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Decking & Flooring service

Wood Decking System

We use high quality hardwood for outdoor that has good durability, non-slip and low heat transmission. Using patented magnet decking system, it can be built, replaced and maintained easily. We build a foundation that last a lifetime.

Wood decking singapore
WPC decking singapore

Decking & Cladding system

WPC (wood plastic composite)

Our WPC is 3rd generation and class leading under SGBC, rewarded with 4 ticks. It can be used for flooring and cladding (both indoor and outdoor). Minimum maintenance is required, only simple water jet cleaning to keep the deck clean.

Cladding Service

Ceiling Cladding

Ceiling cladding can provide a clean, modern, decorative finish to any structure. It can also be another alternative to false ceiling for you to cover up electrical cables and pipes but in a nice finishing. It can create a nice and warm ambience to your desired space.

ceiling cladding singapore
wall cladding decking singapore

Cladding system

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding can be used to provide sound insulation and is good for providing a soundproof environment indoors. Outdoors, it provides a beautiful facade finishing to gain an elegant style and modern design. 

Decking singapore

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Why us

Key Benefits of our decking

  1. No visible gap
  2. Easy to access
  3. No screws and no pre-drilling
  4. Foundation built to last
  5. Up to 25 years warranty period
  6. Enlarged service life
  7. Relocation possibility
  8. Extremely fast decking process
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